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Spring/Summer 2020 & 2038 Time Capsule Collection

AWC Merch

Our spring/summer 2020 collection is here! Utopia is not a promise but a joint venture, now more than ever. If we are lucky, we’ve been let outdoors again, but let’s not celebrate this apparent freedom just yet: the world still needs to be rebuilt, dreams reimagined and our society reconstructed. The collection reminds us that systemic change has never been more crucial.

Locally sourced and hand printed on discarded pieces of clothing, these pieces are infused with new life as they strut down the street, turning heads.

AWC's 2038 Time Capsule Collection was created together with the Canadian Center for Architecture and Foreign Legion, as well as upcoming collaborations with artists and designers,  envisions how architecture, technology and culture can create a better future for everyone.

The main problem was never technology, but culture. 

Available on our Arts of the Working Class Webstore!

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AWC Merch, Utopia is not a Promise Shirt


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AWC Merch, Utopia is not a Promise Pants


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AWC Merch, Utopia is not a Promise Shirt






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