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In the Cycles of Time Grows Togetherness, Cycle II: Winter

Dietrich Meyer in the generous nature of Volkspark Rehberge

There is movement in this stillness.
Under the frozen soil you perceive the vibrations of tender life.
You need to rest and gather energies for blooming.
Listen: the thoughts breathed out become freezed clouds of the mind.
Enjoy this silence, the shield of the future to come.
Today we can forget of the tomorrows.
Stay with us: knot your hands with dry branches.
Lymph touches lymph,
warming the inside from the outside.
10 steps walked together in this frozen land
bring us to sympoiesis.
Muffled joy.
-Dalia Maini


”In the Cycles of Time Grows Togetherness” is an environmental and season specific project by the artist Dietrich Meyer, the generous nature of Volkspark Rehberge and many others. Its starting point is the observation of the seasonal colours of the landscape and the shades of our souls, deeply connected to the taste of the air. Delicate sculptural interventions will celebrate the natural composition of the park, without radically modifying its flow in a joyful celebration of entanglement, silence, and togetherness. While every season will grow new branches and new lives, the artist will shelter and guard for new ideas to be developed during the following one.

The approach of the artist is to stay with the troubles, listen, deal and respect the nature and its obstacles. The climatic condition and the structural restriction of the landscape will be embraced, questioned and tenderly challenged by the artist.
During the process of installing, no wounding tools such nails and screws, neither a ladder, will be used in a performative and unseen act that demands care. Further, all the material (with exception to a few materials found around the artist’s studio) used for the creation of the artworks will be organic and thus will follow the natural process of deterioration.

Meyer wants to underline that the permanence of humankind on the Earth is very precarious, and for this reason very preciously connected to the manner of action towards the non human and the environment.

We are inside and of the world. We make the present our time of action, for this reason wandering in the park, searching, discovering, getting lost, making kinship with all elements, shapes our becoming in the world. We become with each other or not at all, following the mind changing thought of Donna Haraway.

Volkspark Rehberge will be the natural stage of cohabitation and cooptation, and thanks to the green growing matter, symbolic forms, human signifiers, atmospheric pressure and poisoning fungus we will be companions wanderers. We are looking forward to sharing with you the Winter installment, hope to see you then. And as always, dress appropriately for being outside on this day. 

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