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LIMBO: an off-site, social-distance friendly restaurant

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Caique Tizzi
welcomes you to


an off-site, social-distance friendly restaurant
Hosted and produced by Eoin Moylan Studio

MENU 05.06.2020

I. Artichoke, Young vegetables, Olive oil, Kimchi, Bread & Butter

II. White Asparagus, Pink Hollandaise, Quail Eggs

III. Pappardelle, Kräuterling, Shiitake Ragu

IV. Braised Pork, Black Beans, Farofa and Chipotle Salsa

V. White chocolate, Cherries, Strawberries & Blossoms

Artworks and ceramics by Jonas Wendelin and Jana Marlene Lippert

Book your table now, seats are very limited (up to 20 per evening)
Diners can book tables from 2 to 8 seats maximum (2 households max. per table)

Soft opening discount price 35€
Caique Tizzi is delighted to welcome you to Limbo that will operate once a week at Eoin Moylan Studio, as an off-site social-distance friendly restaurant, a dining club made to celebrate the fact we can be together, despite constraints. 

As spaces reopen, we still feel at a place of suspension, many questions are up in the air, but one thing we know for sure is that we will always need to be sharing food, conversations and good wine with those who are close to us.

Limbo is a social dining space carefully developed to respond to the new norms of gathering, small tables are distributed across a large industrial hall, a 5-courses-menu will emphasize local ingredients and small producers. Limbo will display within the dinner context artworks and unique design pieces thoughtfully compiled by Berlin-based artists and designers.

Take your time to travel to the industrial side of the city, if you reserve your seat, we will be waiting for you. No rush, it is a new pace that we need to build.

Limbo cooperates with supplies, friendship and communication with: Up and Coming Berlin, Babes Bar, Berlin Art Link, Bon Bock, Cantine Sant´Ambroeus, RSVP Pop-Up.

Hosted and produced by Eoin Moylan Studio

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