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A foundational prototype, a trust for aesthetic, social and economic values, an interventionist group for a joyful transformation of exploitative and precarious working conditions in the arts.

After the first virtual assembly, we are happy to invite you to the L’Union des Refusés’s second meeting!
L’Union des Refusés call for diletants and experts and lovers of the arts to create together with AWC monthly joint virtual sessions, a regular meet up for art workers and incomers to proactively discern their own needs and interests, and also to shape together with us the values of the Union des Refusés: Solidarity and its power.

Re-imagine value together with us, the initiators of L’Union des Refusés.

Bring your plans with you to every assembly, so we can find ways of tuning them to the commons. Understand what it means to be a group. A member’s experience unfolds by giving and receiving provocations, wishes and recognitions to improve upon and slowly change the socio-ideological context in which artistic practices are being formulated.
Volunteers are welcome to join as well as help us organize with other unions, associations and institutions that are already working towards improving labor conditions in the arts. The more the merrier. Write to/with us!

The structure of L’Union des Refusés is based on the science-fiction-activism-story written and lived by The Hologram, an empirical guide towards a Feminist, Peer-to-Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic Future launched in March, 2020. Its initiator, Cassie Thornton, is a raging voice against the status quo of bureaucracy, lazy regulations and social skepticism.
For the second meeting we would like to get your feedback on the social holography of L’Union. This will help us to gradually indicate the purposes of L’Union and to think together of the tools for a systematic shift towards more humane and equal workplaces, understand levels of commitment and formulate strategies of dissemination. We would like to invite new incomers to have the chance to learn about the Holograms and the process of building them together with you.
To participate to the upcoming L'Union des Refusés meeting, send a RSVP until February the 19th.
We are looking forward to being structural with you.




Image courtesy Cassie Thornton, description by Tina Zavitzanos: [On the right, a hand drawn circle links by three separate continuous lines to three smaller circles which themselves then each link by three distinct dotted lines to three more small circles. On the left, a hyperbolic drawing is juxtaposed with what appears to be the whole drawing on the right repeated in the same structuring pattern to the edges of a globe form. The mood is structured but playful. Serving Mandelbrot realness like carnival sand art spirograph meets the fractals at the heart of the village, sci fi but still justified and ancient. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? I mean if we must live in a simulation can we at least make it this cute?]

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  • Lauren Klein 7 Jan 2021 22:41 (7 months ago)

    Here for change.

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  • Lauren Klein 7 Jan 2021 22:41 (7 months ago)

    Here for change.

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