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For collective nutrition, the market brings together artists, designers, experimental foodies and culinary makers and bakers to reflect on the metabolisms and trends in times of crisis.

The concept and structure of the market is inspired by conversations with the foodculture days festival in Vevey and the Berliner eco-markets Marktzeit, and will take place in the courtyard of Atelier Gardens, the evolving base of the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA)

The market will be a chance to collectively reflect on states of privileges and will be a springboard to enact and embody more hopeful and a tiny bit tastier alternatives. Featuring a variety of practices such as publishing, crafts, social labor and design, the market will not limit itself solely to the culinary field, but will engage with further potentials and essentials for accessibility to healthy sustenance, while raising questions around productivity and digestion.

With Mikrokosmos Berlin, Sara David, Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo, Yanice Gianina, Henri Schulze Lutum & Fabian Knappe, Matylda Krzykowski, Mimosa Labor, Eliza Mozer & dd World (Danielle Magee), AWC Merch, Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Pane Per Poveri, The Onion Project, Anoe Melliou & George Res, Grace Denis & Margaux Schwab, Caique Tizzi,Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi & Quynh Tran, International Wardrobe, Lucky You, Jess Zamora-Turner.

Warm-up with an online cooking session on June 19, 3 pm CET by artist Sara David, in collaboration with her mother, passing down intergenerational childhood recipes. Via IG live: @arts_of_the_working_class

Caique Tizzi’s pop-up Restaurante Verde-e-Rosa will operate with 2 services from 1-3pm and from 3-5pm. Each service will host 30 people max. Reserve a seat via

Lining up nutritional goods with culinary interventions by Mikrokosmos Berlin’s fearless fried insects-to-go; Lucky You’s feast for the senses in miniature; Mimosa Labor’s social picnic Defrosting Dynamics; Henri Schulze Lutum & Fabian Knappe’s spinach lasagna and space for cultural exchange Mund zu Mund; Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi & Quynh Tran’s Floating Elements, based on the five elements philosophy of Vietnamese cuisine; Pane per Poveri’s Celebratory Space with Franziska Lantz, Kira Lillie, Thomas Bullock, Dirk Bell and Isabel Lewis; The Onion Project’s Tomato Sauce (smooth, slowly simmered, 100% vegan and preservatives free); Anoe Melliou & G Res’s Site of an Interval, a ritual of tasting, sharing, and glimpsing critical associations; Jess Zamora-Turner’s textile and soil bounty Plants Pillows Seeds; Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo’s Concordia & Despensa Studio, an open metabolic–itinerant bookstore offering a selection of fermented and foraged goods; Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite’s community of practitioners from outside of the eurocentric discourse, gravitating around independent publishing; Yannice Gianna’s Color Factory, on motherhood and labour and a collection of vintage cookbooks; Grace Denis & Margaux Schwab’s presentation of the book In, From & With: Exploring Collaborative Survival along with servings inspired by it;International Wardrobe’s selection of souvenirs; Matylda Krzykowski’s Contact Drawing providing a moment of empathy via portraits in a blue environment; Arts of the Working Class’ variety of merch for all, from issue 16 and other fashionable items for the summer of 2021, celebrating the end of the first pandemic, en plein air.

Souls for Foods’ next iteration will be hosted at Atelier Gardens on August 15.
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BANNER: Image by Billie Clarken, Courtesy of Caique Tizzi.


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