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VIRTUAL EVENT: The Left Berlin

Social Movements in Latin America

From The Left Berlin:

NOTE: the address of this event will be posted at shortly before the meeting begins

- Mariana Lavin (Cabildo Berlin)
- Alexandra Portero Navarrete (Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin)
- Gabriela Caicedo Beltrán (Itransnationl Activist from Colombia)

Since October 2019, Chile has been living a social uprising that calls for the end of the legacy of Pinochet’s dictatorship. The government of Sebastián Piñera has answered with brutality, systematically violating human rights, against people’s legitimate right to protest.

In response, hundreds of territorial assemblies (Cabildos), have met in Chile and abroad. Cabildo Berlín is an assembly of Chileans living in Berlin that aspires to be an international, multicultural and feminist space. It calls for discontent in the streets until “dignity becomes the rule”.

Chile is not the only part of Latin America to experience social upheavals. The "Pink Tide" was inspired by politicians like Hugo Chavez in Berlin and Lula in Brazil, but the work of local activists is just as important. Women, and the fight for abortion rights were always a key part of the struggle.

El Bloque Latinoamericano was formed towards the end of 2018 as a result of the convergence of diverse leftist political organizations and activists who had been working in solidarity with popular struggles in Central and South America, as well as in the political organization of migrant, refugee and racialized people in Germany.

Mariana Lavín studied business and specializes in public policy. She has lived in Berlín since 2019. Shortly after the social uprising in October last year, she joined the Cabildo Berlín and is an active member of the international networks of assemblies in Germany (CINTA) and worldwide (Chile Despertó Internacional).

Alexandra Portero Navarrete is active in the Assembly of Women* and Dissidents in the Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin. She is Ecuadorian and has been linked to the Communist Youth of Ecuador and the collective Mujeres Soberanas, fighting against violence, conquering dignity, among others spaces.

Gabriela Caicedo Beltrán is Itransnationl Activist from Colombia, who has been living in Germany since 2013. Gabriela came to Berlin in Dezember of the last year and is active in the BloqueLatinoAmericano.

At this evening's meeting Mariana, Alexandra and Gabriela will assess the current status of social movements in Latin America and lead a discussion on how we can offer practical solidarity from Berlin and beyond.

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