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  • Exhibition
  • Aug 03 2022 - Aug 30 2022

“We cannot give up writing stories about what it means to be human that displace those that are at the foundation of Empire.”
— Sylvia Wynter

In her evocation ‘Being Human as Praxis’ (2007), Wynter expands on the importance of the origin story, centring the act of auto-narration in the process of instituting oneself as full and complex human being outside the enlightenment definition of Man — a move she describes as the 'Autopoetic Turn/Overturn'. In resonance with Wynter’s vision, AUTOPOIESIS delves into the nuances of autobiographical art practices with roots in the antipodal topologies of South Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. Manifesting via expanded exhibitionary form in Berlin, Kassel, Mexico City, Guatemala City, New Delhi, and other sites between Aug - Dec 2022, the project aims to look beyond abstract notions of solidarity, proposing an experiment with auto-narration towards developing deeper kinships through the recognition of specific embodied positionalities.

Separated by large latitudinal distance while overlapping in longitudinal spread, both regions have a palimpsestic density of indigenous networks, erased and metamorphosed by multiple waves of colonisation. This trajectory has triggered very specific social topologies which share broad adjacencies in their dynamics of caste-colourism, extractivism, and deep-rooted cultural erasure. Coming from systemically silenced positions from within these regions and their diaspora, each of the 8 artists speaks from their own lived experience and engagement with ancestral cosmology, deploying creative strategies to re-energise wounded archives. Their sustained commitment to auto- narrative practice results in works that eschew a victim perspective, instead combining community research with empowered poetics to emulate Wynter’s vision of the full and complex human.

With: Andrew Ananda Voogel in Khirkee Voice / Christopher Udemezue / Dhrubo Jyoti / Elyla / Jesús Hilario-Reyes / Prabhakar Pachpute / Rajyashri Goody / Subas Tamang

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Image: Christopher Udemezue, Untitled (Tayki and The Obeah Man), 2021, digital print, 114.3 x 64.8 cm (detail)

Curated by Shaunak Mahbubani
with curatorial advisors Vidisha-Fadescha,
Eli Moon, and Madhumita Nandi



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