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Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel

(Emergency Room Dictionary by Thierry Geoffroy)

Daily workouts are necessary, but how does one work out?
Critical scanning of the news could be one exercise.
Discussing politics with others on a daily basis could be another.
The consideration of other viewpoints usually leads to significant improvements.
Combating prejudice is an excellent exercise.

The exhibition pursues two objectives:
for three weeks, visitors can work out on the provided fitness machines while reflecting on current socio-political issues. In addition, it presents for the first time nearly forty CRITICAL RUNS which Thierry Geoffroy has conducted throughout the world over a period of twenty years. Participants similarly discuss current issues during those runs.

In his artistic practice Thierry Geoffroy focuses on the present, the current state of things and the crises of the world, reflecting on where we as a society are heading and how we deal with the problems we encounter on the way.

In his 1989 manifesto Geoffroy laid the groundwork for his practice, developing the concept of the “moving exhibition” and various forms of participation by defining categories such as the type bourgeoise, the type offensive and the type exhibitionniste. The basic premise is that “The moving exhibition is mobile in space and mobile in its expression, it adapts to life.” While the artist of the type bourgeoise stays out of the public eye in his work, the type semi-bourgeoise turns to an audience in the art context. In this way, Geoffroy increases the focus on the public – or indeed its infiltration (type exhibitionniste) – with each type.

Cover Image: VARIOUS OTHERS 2020/ Museum Villa Stuck © Thierry Geoffroy, Awareness Muscle Training, September 2007, courtesy artist


(Text from Villa Stuck)

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