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Deep Future: Building Lateral Institutions

Zoom talk with Jonas Staal

From A Blade of Grass:

In this conversation artist Jonas Staal, whose magazine contribution offers a rationale for artists’ role in creating new models for radical democracy, will speak with Laura Raicovich, Interim Director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art. Staal’s reasoning underlies his New World Summit (2012-ongoing) and New World Academy (2013-16) projects, both of which are multi-year and multi-location events that allowed stateless/blacklisted groups to assemble publicly via an artwork-as-parliament. Out of this came long-term collaborations with the Rojava Revolution, in which Staal was invited to design one of their physical parliaments. The conversation will conclude with explorations of current projects, such as Training for the Future (2018-ongoing) and a legal campaign titled Collectivize Facebook (2020-ongoing). Rather than a return to normal, how might our current situation compel the creation of more inclusive institutions?

20.00 CET, 28/5/2020

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