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  • Jun 04 2022 - Aug 28 2022

This group exhibition is the beginning of a search for a politics of friendship in connection with the question, which Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst (which translates to „Society for Contemporary Art“). Friendship here does not mean – in the narrow sense – being together with friends, but (following Céline Condorelli and others) living with and acknowledging differences, persons alive and dead, objects, books, thoughts, contexts and environments – for example. The intention here is not to dissolve the self, but to permanently reconfigure it, to be open and friendly to other without leveling it or making an Other out of it. A politics of friendship concerns the actions, representations and aesthetics with which we depict and also form certain understandings and a behavior towards the world.

In this sense, the exhibition gathers works by artists who propose or develop other forms of movement and a different language. They negotiate time periods of and approaches to thinking, relationships to material as well as to territories. All these aspects are linked to conflicts, power relations and contradictions, but also to possibilities.

Eglė Budvytytė (with Marija Olšauskaitė and Ona Julija Lukas Steponaitytė)
Catalina González González
Ida Lennartsson
Atsushi Mannami
Martha Rosler
RA Walden

Curated by Annette Hans


Fri, 03.06.22, 7 pm
*At the same time, Weserburg Museum für Moderne Kunst die Ausstellung opens the exhibition „Silvia Bächli. Lange Linien lang“. Afterwards we celebrate together in the neighboring TAU.

Sa, 18.06.22, 6 pm – midnight
Long Night of Bremen Museums

Thu, 07.07., 7 pm
Guided tour

Sun, 28.08., 3 pm
Guided tour

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