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A sculptural installation and literary event series.

  • Exhibition
  • Sep 13 2022 - Oct 14 2022

Flexploitation is a sculptural installation and literary event series organised by Johannes Büttner and Steffen Köhn in collaboration with Literaturhaus Berlin. „Flexploitation“ explores literary, social science, and activist perspectives on the global gig economy and asks what yesterday's science fiction has to tell us about tomorrow's labor struggles. At the heart of the show is  Johannes Büttner and Steffen Köhn's video installation Platform, which is based on documentary interviews with freelancers on online delivery platforms and intertwines their experiences with elements from Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel Snow Crash. It examines to what extent the dystopian capitalist cyberpunk nightmare described in the novel corresponds to the real capitalist nightmare in which we already live. 

Literary discussion series on precarization and resistance in platform capitalism:

Tue 13.9.22 7:30 p.m.
Lecture and talk
Algorithms, Work, Atomization
Simon Schaupp and Magdalena Schrefel
in conversation with Jan Groos

Thu 6.10.22 12:30 
Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Performance
DIY Technopolitics
Felix Kraus and Penny Rafferty in conversation
with Sarah Johanna Theurer. With a lecture
performance by Jan Berger.

Tue 11.10.22 19:00 
Lecture and Talk
On the history of ideas of the tech industry
Adrian Daub and Elias Hirschl

For more info HERE

The installation is supported by the Berlin Program for Artists / BPA, Mondriaan Fund and Arts of the Working Class



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