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Installation im öffentlichen Raum von Guerilla Architects.

  • Exhibition
  • Nov 06 2021 - Dec 18 2021

The Spreebalkon (Spree Balcony) is a 100 square meter public space at the end of Brommystraße in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since 2007 a silent witness to the real estate development of the opposite Friedrichshain bank of the Spree, "[the balcony] is the striking harbinger of the comprehensive comprehensive upgrading of an exciting development area of the city. "* (*Spreebalkon Planners* office Herwarth + Holz )

In the months of November and December 2021, the Spreebalkon will now be supplemented by the installation of a display board. Display boards in mountain areas offer extensive information about peaks and valleys of the surrounding landscape. In the same way, visitors:inside the Spreebalkon from November 6 to December 18 can follow the (development of the) skyline of the urban sellout and marvel at the unreachable peaks of the city. A free telescope also makes it possible to take a closer look at these peaks.

For the opening of the "SPREEPANORAMA" on Saturday November 06 at 6 pm, the video work of Guerilla Architects "Die Sprache der Spekulation (Language of Speculation" (2019, n.b.k. Berlin) will be shown. Set against the backdrop of Berlin's ongoing transformation and its aggressive real estate market, this work uses the language of sales brochures and real estate advertisements to examine a prominent site in the city: the 1 km2 area around the ruined of the former Brommy Bridge, between speculative architecture along the East Side Gallery and an area affected by gentrification and displacement in the northern district of Kreuzberg. The language with its terminology is an expression of an increasing commodification of housing and follows a logic of exploitation that goes far beyond the mere construction and sale of real estate products.

The screening is part of a collaboration with Cinema Lada. The nomadic cinema was first opened by visual artists Raul Walch and Robel Temesgen in 2015 at the Modern Art Museum in Addis Ababa and in 2017 at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. As a mobile cinema and installation, Cinema Lada brings together artist:s across borders. The film program of the opening evening shows works by various international artists who work in public space in a variety of ways, questioning its norms and conventions and documenting their interventions and actions on film. As part of the Draussenstadt Call for Action program, the Räuberherz collective will run the Popup Bar in the evening.

Opening: November 6 | 6 - 9 p.m.
Venue: Spreebalkon, Brommystraße 1, 10997 Berlin
Installation in public space: Guerilla Architects Films: Guerilla Architects and Cinema Lada Technique and bar: Räuberherz

The project SPREEPANORAMA is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting.

The artists' collective Guerilla Architects deals with the socio-economic structures of cities and subversive urban transformations. Their way of working is characterized by a strong interest in a dialogue with the community.
Being "guerrilla" is their approach to urban development: the artists assume that often only minimal interventions are required in existing structures in order to give new meaning to previously invisible spaces a new meaning. Guerilla Architects were founded in London in 2012 as part of a squat. Guerilla Architects were founded in London in 2012 as part of a squat and have since been questioning political, legal, architectural and urban spaces. They work site-specifically and develop performative actions in the (public) space and immersive forms of urban exploration. From their most recent onsite research "1 km2 Berlin- Strategien der Spekulation" (1 km2 Berlin- Strategies of Speculation) within the framework of the research grant Bildende of the Berlin Senate Department resulted in the video work "Die Sprache der Spekulation (Language of Speculation)," which was shown as part of the Berlin Art Week 2019as well as the three-part "Tragedy of the Open City" in collaboration with Alicia Agustín and the radialsystem.



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