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The Future of Cultural Journalism in Dialogue with the Independent Performing Arts Community.

The media landscape has changed radically: on the one hand, cultural journalists are losing gigs and income while the independent arts community is finding that it is featured less and less in newspapers, online magazines and on the radio. On the other, previously unknown perspectives, media and distribution channels are opening up. How can these changes be dealt with in a productive manner? How can cultural journalism be rethought? Has the time come, perhaps, for new alliances and solidarity between these two spheres? What opportunities do freelance cultural journalists have to earn a living from their work and yet remain independent? What alternatives does the independent arts community have for making its work known to a larger audience?

We would like to discuss all of this with representatives of the independent performing arts and with representatives of cultural journalism – and, in doing so, build upon the knowledge that we have gained in these matters over the course of non-public working meetings with specialists in advance. This will result in an open exchange of thoughts and ideas whereby controversies, the unforeseen and surprises are all expressly desired.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 -
internal working meeting

From 10:00
Accreditation and coffee

by Georg Kasch (cultural journalist), Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Program)

Opening impulse: Luna Ali (inquired) - The Role of Journalism: Between Precarization and
new models of participation and publicity

Opening impulse: Bettina Schuseil - Cooperation between the independent scene and cultural journalism beyond the beyond the publishing houses - possibilities of self-empowerment

Coffee break

Round 1 Table Talks
Table A: "Hybrid profit models in cultural journalism - or how independent can critics still be?
With Alina Kolar (Arts of the Working Class) and Anuya Rane (Ada-Studio-Writer)
Table B: "Promotion of cultural journalism".
With Sascha Westphal and Elisabeth Luft (KritikGestalten. Neue Blicke auf Freies Theater), Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (requested)
Table C: "Podcasts - cool playout tools or self-exploitation?"
With Sabrina Zwach and Gesine Danckwart (podcast "Applause, Applause").
Table D: "Super good new possibilities on the Internet - Substack, Steady & Co."
With Marcel Weiß (
Table E: "Political mergers in journalism".
With Renate Gensch (German Journalists' Union - dju)
and Carola Dorner (Freischreiber)

Lunch break

Round 2 Table Talks
The participants are invited to change tables.

Feedback + fade out


Thursday, 12 August 2021

1:00 pm
Accreditation and Coffee

2:00 pm
Opening Greeting by Janina Benduski (LAFT Berlin)

2:10 pm
Presentation of the Discussion Results of the Previous Day

With Elena Philipp (, DLF Kultur) and Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Program)

14:40 pm
Keynote Speeches and Discussion

What do I want from cultural journalism? What do I want from the performing arts? And how will we work together?
With Sahar Rahimi (Monster Truck), Georg Kasch (critic) moderated by Elena Philipp (, DLF Kultur) and Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Program)

4:00 pm
Coffee Break

4:30 pm
Parallel Keynote Speeches, Rounds of Exchange and Table Conversations
Table A: 
"New journalistic and high-visibility cultural techniques of self-empowerment"
With Özge (@oezgeschmoezge) and Dr. Tanja Maier (FU Berlin, freelance author)
Table B: "Gatekeeping Today I – who can help in the pursuit of money and fame?"
With Dr. Elisabeth Nehring (journalist, author, dramaturge), tba
Table C: "Gatekeeping Today II – who controls the currency of attention??"
With Susanne Burkhardt (DLF Kultur), Christian Rakow (

7:00 pm
Presentation and Closing Discussion

Between slates and director's falls – what can the media still achieve in terms of cultural journalism today? (How) can politics help? And can, may, should the public sector support cultural reporting?
With Petra Kohse (Berliner Zeitung), Holger Bergmann (Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.) and Notker Schweikhardt (media policy spokesman for the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen parliamentary group)

8:30 pm
Reception / Closing with wine, beer and snacks


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