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A post-capitalist Summer series. In the evening, outdoors, with a shared meal and two performances.

  • Exhibition
  • Aug 04 2022 - Sep 29 2022

Selected Tuesdays and Thursdays, August - September 2022

4. August, 9. August, 18. August, 8. September, 15. September, 29. September

How can we ever move beyond established extractive structures, if all our desires and attention are captured inside? If we never have enough time, if moving within is what's rewarded, or even tied to immediate survival? 

Towards a Shimmer on the Horizon aims to explore steps, practices, thoughts and sounds that could shift consciousness towards post-capitalist desires, that may illuminate new structuring elements of society, that open up wishful imagination, that could give a glimpse of shimmering possibilities. The series is not about the distant utopia, but rather about exploring a next step towards a shimmer of a world that is not structured by extraction and power, from different positions, and acknowledging existing damage, precarity & complexity. 

Looking into dimensions such as time, care, grief, desire, repair, failure and possibly more Towards a Shimmer on the Horizon looks forward to researching and experimenting, to inspiring and questioning, and also to sharing and enjoying summer evenings with conversations, food and togetherness. 

The series is inspired by Mark Fisher's lectures on post-capitalist desire from 2016, in which Fisher researched practices, theories or emotions that would lead to even just desire something beyond capitalist structures. For example he looked into feminist consciousness-raising groups of the 1970s, that would identify individual problems as structural through collective sharing; or pop music that could lead to a glimpse of utopian possibility in a fleeting moment.

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