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17th Architecture Biennale 2020

Curated by Team 2038
In ihrem Rückblick aus der Zukunft blicken die Kuratoren von "2038" gelassen aus dem Jahre 2038 zurück. Denn: “Es ist nochmal alles gut gegangen! Und oft waren Architektinnen und Architekten Teil der Antworten auf die großen Fragen unserer Zeit. Mit alten, neuen und ganzheitlichen Ansätzen haben sie sich für das gemeinsame Gelingen stark gemacht und auf systemische Lösungen besonnen.
Today, in the year 2038, we have mastered the large crises. It was a close call, yet, we just about made it. After the total financial melt-down around the year 2022, the world came to its senses. 
Most states, big institutions and tech-companies joined forces and created a universal, self-sustaining system, while giving decentralised, local structures the freedom to create and maintain their individual way of living. Eco-systems are legal entities now, not owned by anyone but themselves. Repeatedly, new technology and big data turned old ideas into reality. Often, architects were part of the solution. Architects who came up with answers, not questions. 
Drama is now history, we live in radical democracy and radical bureaucracy, in a society, that knows neither hero nor villain. 
In a series of films, the German Pavillon shows how we arrived at this era of New Serenity.  
How we live together, how we act and how we feel. In 2038.  

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