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Shock, but not surprise, is one of the central sentiments expressed right now in regards to the political and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. It is crucial to remember that current events have been escalating due to financial international politics which, for more than a decade, have put colonial and cultural greed before the Afghan population. The pain of war, of a corrupt regime, of ethnic terror, in its multiple ways, is what remains as imprints on the history of those years. Media try to paint a picture of generosity when showing western countries opening their borders but the real cry for humanitarian help orders us to do so much more, to educate us and to critically look at contemporary history backward. 

We have gathered some ressources, petitions, charities and solidarity funds here that are, in their impact, of course, as insufficient as the responses of western governments. 

Immigration and Petitions

  • Miles4Migrants uses donated frequent flyer miles, credit card points, and cash to help people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster reunite with loved ones and start new beginnings in safe homes.

  • Visions4Children: a non-governmental organization that has been implementing educational projects in Afghanistan for 15 years and supporting IDPs in Afghan refugee camps for years.
  • INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE: The IRC has worked in Afghanistan through three decades of crisis, providing millions of people with shelter, education, clean water, health support and other aid, and we will stay as long as we are needed.
  • The International Federation of Journalists: The IFJ’s Safety Fund is a lifeline for journalists facing violence, persecution and threat or needing medical treatment. It is a shining example of journalist to journalist solidarity, providing immediate relief to those in danger and need around the world.
  • Afghanistan National Solidarity Program:A joint effort between the Government of Afghanistan and the World Bank to extend the reach of government services, spur development, and foster participation in civil society through the creation of gender-equal neighborhood-level community development corporations.

  • Commissionerate Afghan Refugees: was established in 1979 under the Federal Government Orders to facilitate the Afghan Refugees who were crossing the borders and coming into Pakistan to find refuge due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

  • IRAP International Refugee Assistance Project: serves the world’s most persecuted individuals and empowers the next generation of human rights leaders.


Charities and Solidarities Foundings 



The AWC SYLLABUS is a monthly format that gathers and organizes useful information to encourage learning/experiencing new ways to be and behave.


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