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A series of training days and assemblies to question power and its social formations.

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  • Mar 27 2023 | 12:00 PM h - 6:00 PM h

During a time when the neoliberal structures of governance are undermining the notion of life with dignity and the right to assembly is coming under constant pressure in the Dutch landscape, the vitality of solidarity networks comprising a front of counter-power, becomes visible and urgent.

The program “Counterpower" contains a series of training days to be held on the 27th of March, 8th of May, and 19th of June at the Van Abbemuseum, where we will collectively explore the ideas and organizations consisting of the body of Counterpower in The Netherlands today.

Join training by Kurdish Women’s Movement (TJKE) & Foundation Ecowomen, Extinction Rebellion, and Jina Collective.

In the Netherlands, the word “counterpower” (tegenmacht) has quickly become common use in parliament. But which organizations constitute true extra-parliamentary counter-power in Dutch society today? And how do we ally art-activist organizations, social movements, and solidarity networks to ensure ecological, intersectional, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist futures for all of us?

Counterpower aims to create a platform for exchange, the building of revolutionary friendships, and the sharing of convivial tools of resistance. The struggle towards an ecological, intersectional, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist future is calling us all to create networks of resistance. The belief that a united yet undeniably complex and diverse network of organizations can operate as a robust front of counter-power striving towards political, social, and cultural transformation prompts us to invite you to join us during the training days in order to share, explore and build together the equitable world we want to inhabit.

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