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Intergenerational performance by MATERNAL FANTASIES.

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  • Feb 02 2024 | 7:00 PM h - 12:00 AM h

With "ABC, ein Spiel ohne Scherz" (ABC, a game without jokes), the artist collective MATERNAL FANTASIES presents the intergenerational performance format for the first time at Uferstudios.

What would a society look like in which the idea of motherhood is not defined by traditional boundaries? This is the vision of the five-member collective MATERNAL FANTASIES in their latest performance 'ABC, ein Spiel ohne Scherz'. Performed at Uferstudios, the premiere expands the perspective beyond conventional notions of motherhood, emphasizing the growing importance of community and caregiving. 

Since 2018, MATERNAL FANTASIES has been actively engaged in the art world, challenging traditional notions of motherhood and caregiving. Their latest project, 'ABC, ein Spiel ohne Scherz', offers a unique combination of feminist discourses and personal narratives. It expands the role of the mother beyond common conventions. By involving children in their artistic processes, the collective challenges established structures of art production and promotes a culture of inclusivity and community. 

At the heart of the performance is a comprehensive understanding of parental caregiving, which is reflected in the multilayered sound of the English word 'care'. This word evokes associations ranging from physical care, or 'carrying', to emotional care, or tender 'caressing'. It also includes the idea of 'nurturing' and 'cherishing', both of which are deeply embedded in the parental role. In "ABC, a game without jokes", this multifaceted meaning is not only extended to the entire alphabet, but is also brought to life and made tangible through the active participation of the children. The uniqueness of this intergenerational performance lies in the special dynamics of the children involved. Their developmental processes make human learning tangible and bring constant change and fresh perspectives to the performance. 

Local Action, Global Echo: New Paths in Performative Arts 

"ABC, ein Spiel ohne Scherz" uses a creative mix of live performances and digital media. The performances are organized in an alphabetical structure, with each letter symbolizing a key concept of maternal care. In addition, the project extends its impact through four short videos designed to inspire artists around the world to engage with the theme. These innovative approaches demonstrate MATERNAL FANTASIES' commitment to art that is accessible and transcends geographical boundaries. 


Founded in 2018, the interdisciplinary artist collective MATERNAL FANTASIES is known for challenging and reshaping cultural narratives around motherhood and caregiving. With a focus on queer-feminist and intergenerational perspectives, the collective brings artists together to create and disseminate new understandings of motherhood through collaborative practices. 



ABC, ein Spiel ohne Scherz Intergenerational performance by MATERNAL FANTASIES 

Duration: 1h 

Venue: Uferstudios_Studio 14 

Dates: 2 + 3 February 2024 19h each 

Costs: 12 Euro/reduced: 8 Euro 

Child ticket (up to 16 years): 6 Euro 

Instagram: @maternalfantasies 

Pressekontakt: Wayra Schübel,

Lea-Maria Kneisel (Uferstudios): 

Link zum Presseordner:




Concept and artistic coordination: Maicyra Leão 

Stage and Costume, Performance and Score: Hanne Klaas, Isabell Spengler, Magdalena Kallenberger, Maicyra Leão & Mikala Hyldig Dal 

Performance (children): Rasmus, Kayan, Liva, Mie, Morten, Nury, Samuel, Selma, Wim

Dramaturgy: Rodrigo Garcia Alves 

Composition and sound design: Constantin John 

Preparation for music: Nouras Hanana 

Prop Design: Gry Björge 

Light design: Mirella Brandi 

Lighting assistance: Kathleen Kunath 

Graphic design: Manuela & Thiago Eichner 

Artistic assistance: Mariana Romagnani 

Production: Rania Mavriki/CULTOPIA 

Communication: Wayra Schübel – Art Communication 

Short videos - Performance: Aino El-Sohl, Lena Chen, Maicyra Leão & Mikala Hyldig Dal

Short videos - Editing: Hanne Klaas 

Short videos - Sign language translation: Yomma GmbH 


Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion - Berlin. 

With the support of Uferstudios and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. 




Cover: © MATERNAL FANTASIESS, Blumenfeld (2019).



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