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Performance and Installation by Kavachi.

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  • Oct 23 2023 | 9:00 AM h - 1:00 PM h

Kavachi rolls out the red carpet. Or rather: He assembles it, from donated pieces of clothing and fabric – a red patchwork carpet for all those who want to enter or leave the immigration authority building at Ruppertstraße 19 in Munich.
The red carpet – a symbol of recognition, usually bestowed upon those deemed famous – is supposed to become a bridge between those people who have recently arrived in Germany, in hopes of being granted permanent residence permits, and those who have been living here for many years. The work does not only refer to the migration debate but also wants to emphasise the individuality of each human being, regardless of where they come from or where they go. The performance invites discussion: about borders, about nation, and about origin. The artist will sew the carpet while seeking conversation with passers-by, in front of the Munich immigration office, during four festival days.


Several donation boxes have been set up to collect red pieces of fabric, at several spaces around Munich during the two-month period prior to the performance. Up-to-date information will be available here shortly.

Performance programme 

About the performance



This project was realised within the framework of ACTING SPACE - BAUHAUS GOES KUNSTFEST 2016 under the direction of Prof. Danica Dakić and Anke Hannemann.
Coordination Jirka Reichmann Collaboration MFA programme "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies" Bauhaus Universität Weimar | Kunstfest Weimar 2016 Supported by Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Kunstfest Weimar, Ausländerbehörde / Stadtverwaltung Weimar.

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Kavachi studied painting at Ankara’s Hacettepe University as well as art in public spaces and new artistic strategies at the Bauhaus University Weimar. His first solo exhibition MOMMY WHEN WILL I GET MARRIED? was presented at the Third Space Gallery in Helsinki in 2017. He additionally contributed to numerous group exhibitions in Yekaterinburg, Copenhagen, and Vienna, as well as elsewhere. His work is centred around topics such as migration, childhood memories, queer identity, and labour. Kavachi was born in Denizli, Turkey, and currently lives in Grub am Forst near Coburg. THE CARPET COVERS THE EARTH premiered in collaboration with Kunstfest Weimar in 2016.






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