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Open Event by the Lab of Intelligence Culture.

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  • Nov 11 2023 | 2:00 PM h - 5:30 PM h

The Laboratory of Intelligence Culture, an experimental space of discussion and inquiry, opens its doors after 4 years of research. Using language, discussion, live music, meditation, and body in space to explore mind and to cultivate a collaborative creative process focused on initiating (a) novel dialogue among ourselves, (b) exploring a new literacy of mind, and (c) initiatives in response to the sense-making challenges created by the fast-changing world in which we live.

Immerse yourself in the multi-modal approach to open the question:
“What to do with our minds in the 21st century?”

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The Lab operates, in this initial phase, via events that invite participants to explore & experience, validate, critically reflect and extract via the particular sleeves - questions, meditations, explorations - proposed in immediacy. Projects, collaborations, documents and creative artefacts are sometimes an output of these events. We see how a literacy of mind, which is for us an open-ended project, compiled in parallel, begins to aggregate and coagulate out of these very trajectories of experience. The Traveling Lab is proposing to join the endeavour for an afternoon (or longer:), for whomever may find the question relevant at the personal or communal level.

J.D Doria, founder of the Laboratory of Intelligence Culture, – holds the Lab as a live and thought-provoking trace of a lifetime of infiltration and research. As an artist he explores Generative Materiality and Material Cosmologies. As a ‘character’ in a story he plays the game of life to its liberating end and open-ended sense.

Sayfan, founder and avid researcher, in life and profession. She is a nomad of culture and knowledge, bringing to the Lab the strictly necessary, merging a background in biophysics, complexity and design research as a raft to cross the torrents of thought, engaged relations, and learning via first hand experimentation. She teaches and collaborates at multiple universities.




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