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Wasting Away: Connecting the Political Struggles Between Our “Digital” and Physical World(s)

Online talk with Maya Richmann (Green Screen Coalition)

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  • Apr 11 2024 | 5:00 PM h - 7:00 PM h

Discussion about the environmental and social costs of technology, from hardware to software, AI and the physicality of the internet is growing. Still, more critical analysis is needed to    identify and resist how technology companies, governments and other extractive industries push vague and misleading “sustainability” technosolutions. Despite considerable evidence, the “negative externalities” or “waste” resulting from technical solutions are positioned as inevitable and a necessary evil for the benefit they bring. This talk will discuss these issues and share reflections of how to resist these narratives that I have gleaned from an international community of activists, technologists, researchers, artists and funders seeking alternative models.

In English
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