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  • Aug 25 2022 - Sep 10 2022

The cultural event that takes place on the waters of the Venetian lagoon, is back. Films, videos, performances, music and theater involving both international and local artists are presented on a stage and screen in the waters behind the island of Giudecca, at the end of Rio de Sant’Eufemia.

Presented by Microclima.



Every night opens with the screening of Dated Fragments by Henrik Håkansson (2000-ongoing)
Every night closes with the screening of Pino Pascali interpreta Pulcinella nello spot Carosello per la Cirio (1965), in collaboration with Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali


Venezia minore, Francesco Pasinetti, 1942 (16 min) presented by Archivio Carlo Montanaro - La fabbrica del vedere and Istituto Luce
El Caegher, Giuseppe Asaro, 2021 (05 min)
Per un’estetica dell’apocalisse, Andrea De Fusco, 2022 (09 min)
Big Rock Candy Mountain, Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian, 2015 (04 min) presented by OGR Torino
If I Had Two Paths I Would Choose the Third, Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian, 2020 (07 min) presented by OGR Torino
Desastres, Marco Fusinato, 2022 (03 min) presented by National Pavilion of Australia
Destroy Venice, live performance di Alberto Madricardo (words), Giovanni Floreani (music) and Marian Mentrup (video, synthesizer, clarinet), 2021 (30 min) presented by Corte Supernova and Furclap


Live performance by Jooklo Duo, free jazz (30 min ca.)
Dream of a Rarebit Fiend, 1906 (07 min) presented by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Walls Have Feelings, Eli Cortiñas, 2019 (13 min)
La natation par Jean Taris, champion de France, Jean Vigo, 1931 (10min)
L’Oiseau de Feu, Calori & Maillard, 2014-15 (03 min)
Ahimè! [a tre voci], Alessandra Messali, 2019 (12 min)
The Sower of Stars, Lois Patiño, 2022 (25 min) presented by Lago Film Fest


Live performance by Jooklo Duo, free Jazz (30 min ca.)
Eryx tataricus, Ikhbayar Urchuud, 2017 (06 min) presented by RedHero - Bodhi Dharma Foundation
Sleep, Shuree Sarantuya, 2015 (04 min) presented by RedHero - Bodhi Dharma Foundation
Dreamland, Gianluigi Toccafondo, soundtrack by Pasquale Catalano, 2021 (15 min)
Caro Pier Paolo, Agne Raceviciute, 2022 (05 min)
La ricotta, Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1963 (35 min)
Es imposible no puede ser, Andrea Gonzàlez, 2019 (13 min)


Le sognatrici. Storie di utopie e verità oniriche, reading of dreams from Casa di Reclusione Femminile, Giudecca (10 min) presented by Associazione Closer
Mabel, Betty & Bette, Yelena Yemchuk, 2019 (10 min)
Mixed Messages, Kathy Brew, 1990 (20 min)
Ajal Minorasi, Vyacheslav Viskovsky, 1925 (60 min) accompanied by Abror Zufarov (tanbur, sato) and Shamshod Isayev (nai, gidjak) presented by The Uzbekistan National Pavilion


Soundtrack of ΚΑΡΟΣ (Icarus), 2020-2021 by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, live performance by Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio with Gabriele Tai (20 min ca.) presented by COSMO and Schermo dell’arte
Les Indes Galantes, Clément Cogitore, 2017 (06 min) presented by Chantal Crousel Consulting Program curated by Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana - Pinault Collection
Pruitt-Igoe Falls, Cyprien Gaillard, 2009 (07 min)
Excerpt of environmental recording from The Sense of Silence Foundation (02 min)
The Snorks: a concert for creatures, Loris Gréaud, 2012 (28 min)
Ferdinandea: Uncertainties, Clément Cogitore, 2022 (42 min) presented by Chantal Crousel Consulting


Open Sometimes - Video Mash-up dedicato a Fiorella Mancini, curated by Spazio Punch, editing by Furio Ganz, 2022 (05 min) presented by Spazio Punch, archival footage by Fondazione Fiorella Mancini
Sun Dog, Dorian Jespers, 2020 (20 min) presented by Rete Cinema in Laguna
Non toccare la donna bianca, Marco Ferreri, 1974 (87 min)


Live performance by Nabila Chajai, harp (25 min ca.)
Amphibia, Francesco Lombardi, Flore Guichot and Nathan Fredrick, 2021 (10 min) presented by Osservatorio CIvicO sulla casa e la residenza - Venezia (OCIO)
From Sea to Dawn, Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian, 2016/2017 (06 min) presented by OGR Torino
Program curated by TBA21–Academy’s Ocean Space (60 min ca.)
Il naufragio inizia da qui, Ifor Duncan, 2021 (13 min)
Normale anormalità - studio preliminare, Michela Intra, 2022 (12 min)
Tahlequah, Dominique Knowles, 2019 (12 min) presented by Vdrome


Program curated by Fondazione In Between Art Film
Live performance by Masbedo, July 30th, 2007 (20 min)
Blind Mirrors, Masbedo, 2019 (11 min)
The Firefly Keeps Falling And The Snake Keeps Growing, Driant Zeneli, 2022 (08 min)
Flowers blooming in our throats, Eva Giolo, 2020 (09 min)
Becoming Alluvium, Thao-Nguyen Phan, 2019 (17 min)
La Plaza del Chafleo, Ivan Argote, 2018 (15 min)
Dedicated to the Youth of World II, Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey, 2019 (09 min)
Program curated by Michèle Lamy and Rick Owens together with Stefan Kalmár (30 min)


Enciclopedia mortale, Malmadur, live performance, 2022 (30 min ca.) presented by Venice Open Stage
Unrelenting, Francesco Simeti, 2020 (05 min) presented by Magazzino Italian Art
Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin, 1936 (87 min) presented by Pentagram Stiftung


Il suono della lingua, Mariateresa Sartori, 2008 (07 min) presented by Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Habibi Kiosk / Münchner Kammerspiele
Turtle Dreams, Robert Withers & Meredith Monk, 1987 (11 min)
Venezia insorge, Francesco Pasinetti, 1945 (08 min) presented by Archivio Carlo Montanaro - La fabbrica del vedere Idea, Thomas Nadal Poletto, 2014 (11 min)
Mains tendues, Séraphin Zounyekpe, 2019 (03 min)
Sólo quienes sueñan pueden mover montañas, Anto Milotta and Zlatolin Donchev e Arianna Spanò, 2018 (12 min)
Chan K’In profeta dei Maya, Giancarlo Ligabue, 1990 (20 min) presented by Fondazione Giancarlo Ligabue
Natpwe, the feast of the spirits, Tiane Doan na Champassak, 2012 (31 min)


A silver Lucifer serves cocaine in cornucopia, speech by Anna Toscano about the artist and poet Mina Loy (15 min) presented by Libreria MarcoPolo
To fall with grace, Despina Charitonidi, 2022 (10 min) presented by Stoa42
Abstronic, Mary Ellen Bute, 1952 (07 min) presented by Archivio Carlo Montanaro - La fabbrica del vedere
Rhythm in Light, Mary Ellen Bute, 1935 (05 min) presented by Archivio Carlo Montanaro - La fabbrica del vedere
Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren, 1943 (14 min) presented by Collezione Peggy Guggenheim
La Coquille et le Clergyman, Germaine Dulac, 1928 (39 min) accompanied by Rita Brancato (percussion), Giovanni Claudio Di Giorgio (violin) and Gabriele Tai (cello) presented by Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Performance To fall with grace by Despina Charitonidi in collaboration with Naiads, 2022 (10 min ca.) presented by Stoa42


Circo Entomologico, Ornella Cardillo and Simone Carraro, 2022 (20 min ca.)
Pinocchio, Gianluigi Toccafondo, 1999 (06 min)
Hugo & Holly, Giuseppe Abate, 2021 (03 min) presented by Galleria Michela Rizzo
Racconti dal vento, Claudia Frau and Stefano Montagner, 2022 (08 min) presented by Festival delle Arti Giudecca Sacca Fisola
Diteggiatura, Riccardo Giacconi, 2021 (18 min)
Music introduction by DJ Gruff (20 min ca.), La guerra ed il sogno di Momi, Segundo de Chomón, 1917 (37 min) accompanied by DJ Gruff

Minimum donation € 5,00 recommended € 10,00

Reservations are required, both for private boats and the public on foot on , starting Tuesday, 16th

Methods of access:
On foot: get off at the Giudecca Palanca stop, turn right and enter the first calle on the left, Calle lunga dell’Accademia dei
Nobili, at the end of which (about 250 meters) is the entrance to the Consorzio Venezia Sviluppo Ex “Cantieri Lucchese”.
Please arrive before 7:10 pm
By boat: Floating Cinema - Unknown Waters is located in the shoal area adjacent to the Giudecca island on the lagoon side, at the
Rio de Sant’Eufemia exit. Arriving from the Zattere take the Rio de Sant’Eufemia, a canal located between the church of the same
name and Harry’s Dolci, go directly to the platform from which the attendants direct to the moorings. Arriving from the Canale Retro
Giudecca, Floating Cinema - Unknown Waters is located in the shallow area in front of Consorzio Venezia Sviluppo Ex “Cantieri
Lucchese”. Please moor before 7:40 pm

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