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An immersive virtual world of sound, image and movement for digital and thus liquefied subjects.

The term oceanic feeling– originally coined in 1927 by writer Romain Rolland in a letter to his friend Sigmund Freud about Ramakrishna’s mysticism – expresses a sensation of being embedded in eternity. It describes his exhilarating experience of being connected to the whole external world through trance. While Rolland’s account—possibly a ritualistic self-experience—only made it into Freud’s psychoanalysis as a marginal note and was diagnosed as a remnant of a primitive ego-feeling from childhood, we affirmatively embrace the idea of the oceanic feeling as a cultural and spiritual technique.

Artists: Kokkonen & Mangan (FIN/AUS), Yuzu (BGR) & TE-R (AT), Angelica Castello (MX) & Meritxell Colell Aparicio (ES), Enrika Myskovskaja (LT) & Alexandra Maciá (ES), Benjamin Tomasi (AT).

Together with the artists above, czirp czirp interprets the oceanic feeling as the moment in which the notion of being part of the living and fluctuating matrix of nature arises. We read it as an ecological consciousness that wishes to reconnect the transcendental mind with the vibrancy of life on earth.

A stream of oceanic feeling is made tangible in musical form, on our platform during summer 2021. Beyond the pictorial and metaphorical appeal of underwater worlds, the oceanic feeling is understood as an artistic method to make us aware of how human and non-human environments do resonate.

This event is realized in cooperation with ISCM – International Association for Contemporary Music, Vienna.

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, the City Council of Vienna, AKM and Austro Mechana, LSG (Protection of Ancillary Copyrights) as well as the Head of District Franz Prokop (Ottakring).


czirp czirp – sonic and experimental arts is run by researcher and curator Lona Gaikis and artist Milena Georgieva.

Like the song of a bird, czirp czirp acts through nomadic and ephemeral cultural events. It is an independent and not-for-profit cultural project that supports, produces and communicates experimental music, sound and digital art.

Our aim is to present artistic approaches that echo current developments in digital technologies. We want to critically reflect upon the use of new media, computer code and algorithmic processes, and to encourage participation via interactive concepts, to share this engagement with a broader public. Transient mediums like music, video, performance and live experiences aid to embed approaching technological, social and environmental challenges in a discursive setting.

The project is run by a group of artists and academics from various fields. It serves as a platform to introduce vibrant scenes from un-institutionalized and experimental artistic practices to the next generation of young intellectuals and culturally-engaged people. We equally seek to address sections of the population who have been alienated from the art world. Therefore, we do not limit our activities to any age group or social affiliation. Events take place barrier-free.

Aware of art and culture’s ability to entrain and act out fundamental community structures, czirp czirp’s agenda wishes to involve all backgrounds and genders. We think of czirp czirp as a social connecting tool that directs key questions in culture and aims to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

Our goal is to represent the diversity of internationally performing artists and to maintain a balanced and equal ratio of gender(s).

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