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A solo show.

  • Exhibition
  • Mar 20 2024 - May 10 2024

The Loners, curated by Elena Bray and Iacopo Prinetti, presents a new chapter in Moccia’s research on Loneliness, exploring the political form loneliness takes within neoliberal society.

Whilst in previous research Moccia focused on the “policies of Loneliness”, this new exhibition focuses on our direct relationship with institutions and their inability to listen, represent, and engage their citizens. This reflection takes the form of formal and archival work around electoral architectures, recounting the lonely experience in the voting booth, a gesture of participation, so far distanced from collective forms of mobilization.

In addition to the sculptural elements, a vinyl audio track accompanies the exhibition. Composed of eerie audio samples with a haunting voice-over that retraces the artist’s investigation into Loneliness, the sound material was collected and processed for the occasion in Ministry of Loneliness Theme, a vinyl by Renato Grieco and Rebecca Moccia, produced and presented by Paint It Black.

The Loners is a project by Cripta747, with the participation of Paint it BlackRealised with the support of MiC and SIAE in the framework of the program “Per chi Crea”, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione CRT, and under the patronage of the Città di Torino.


Tuesday 23 April 2024, h TBA
@ Painted Black, Via Fratelli Calandra 16a, Turin



Rebecca Moccia, Ministry of Loneliness, 2023, Fondazione ICA, Milan. Courtesy the artist, Careof and Fondazione ICA, Milan. 
Photo credits Diego Mayon



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