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An old new songplay about celebration for voices, synthesizers, cello, guitar, woodwinds & percussion.

  • Exhibition
  • Jan 01 1970 - Nov 20 2022


We'd be delighted to have your company at Sleep (is the mystery tune) an old new songplay about celebration for voices, synthesizers, cello, guitar, woodwinds & percussion. Duration 62 minutes. 

The Gray Voice Ensemble 2022: Ailsa MacKenzie, Annika Stadler, Elisabeth Wood (dir.), Eva Ulm, Geneviève de Larminat, Hen/i, Iris Dankemeyer, Isabell Schulte, Jana Papenbroock, Judith Lavagna, Maria Miottke, Olivia Berning.

Guests: Cristina Druga, Hilal, J.R. Blank, Kathrin Schömer, Laura Brophy, Ori Behr, Richard Murphy, Sam Gahr additional voice performances: Paca Faraus, Mario Campos Castellano, Hantsé Desjardin, Jaime Schwartz, Matthias Hofmann, Aida Ulrich, Leo Zylberberg, Melone, Nori Niki Nori, Verena Buttmann, Tanja Novikova, Henri Steegmann, Christina Jensen, Luisa Spina, Toni Sadurni, Gabriel Pech, Shae Pereira, Liina Nilsson, Ella Altin, Paul Aràmbula, Gina Fragkogianni, Caroline Kühner, Francisco Castanheira, Jean Stone Wood, Salisme, Michael Silverberg, Paul Richard, Marjorie Richard with costumes by Maria Miottke and audio tech by Marcus Fister.

Tickets HERE 

Doors/entrance 30 minutes prior to scheduled show time. We recommend that you wear a mask to this event.




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