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Theresa Weber

  • Exhibition
  • Feb 16 2024 - Mar 28 2024

In Universe Of The Hybrids, Theresa Weber (1996, Dusseldorf) transforms Bungalow into a cosmos of unfixed and ever-changing identities. Set against an ever-globalizing world, where boundaries of racial and cultural identity continue to mix, this exhibition gathers stories from the past that already welcome the hybrid nature of life.

Within Weber’s new two-dimensional paintings, hybrid figures from ancient mythologies (like the Bastet, Sphinx, Chimera) crystallize like small mirrors in fields of acrylic nails and pearls. A custom wallpaper in cobalt, gold, and pearl functions as an index for these portraits – tracing a lineage of legends connected to Afro-German history through tangible artifacts. The black background of the wallpaper was chosen to refer to the universe as the space of infinite potential for healing mythology, creativity, and hope. It is as if the viewer were looking at darkness as the source of all living.

The whole scene encircles a 4-meter-long fabric sculpture hanging like beaded and braided hair in the center of the exhibition. Cosmic Entanglement of the Blue (2023) presents blue’s as a color symbolic of fertility and femininity as well as a spiritual healing and desire associated with the ocean and the sky. A final, large painting embellished with Weber’s own fingerprints on silicon observes the discussion that Ludwig Van Beethoven may have been bi-racial, a fact likely hidden or forgotten due to racial power structures in Europe. Challenging fixed categorizations through the exhibition Universe Of The Hybrids, the artist looks at how heritage and culture have always been subject to change and how identity is never rigid.


VERNISSAGE: 16 February 2024, 5 - 8 pm at Bungalow, Berlin.

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Theresa Weber (1996, Dusseldorf) lives and works in North Rhine-Westphalia and London.

Through multi-disciplinary installations and collaborative performances, the artist seeks to question existing hierarchies of power. With a dynamic approach, her works often refer to existing mythologies and fields of historical research, which are communicated through dense collages and sculptural networks. These are mostly made out of culturally loaded materials that engage with the body from an anti-colonial perspective. Her practice exemplifies the constant transformation within every tradition, which is represented through contemporary body-marks and archival techniques. On the dynamic field between transparency and opacity, Weber’s practice creates space for strength and resilience through nuances and fragility.

Weber has previously had solo shows at Somerset House in London and Dortmunder Kunstverein. Her work is currently also on display at the Kunstmuseum Bochum and Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen.




Cover: Theresa Weber, "From The One To The Universe", 2022, Silicone, acrylic paste, resin, mosaic stones, artificial nails, pearls, synthetic hair, clips, corals on wood board, 160 × 200 cm. Photo byAbdpollah Nafisi. Courtesy of The Artist and BUNGALOW/ChertLüdde, Berlin.

fig. 1: Portrait of the artist Theresa Weber next to her "Cycles of Unmasking Entanglements", 2023; Installation view at Somerset House, London, 2021. Photo by Reinis Lismanis Lismanis.



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