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رمز سر گشوده و گم شدن در تاریکی

From The Open Secret.

  • Jan 06 2022
  • Caroline Busta
    is a Berlin-based writer working with questions of culture, technology, and globalism. She is the founder of NEW MODELS, a media platform and community addressing the emergent effects of networked technology on art, tech, politics, and pop-culture. From 2014 to 2017, she served as Editor-in-Chief of the Berlin-based critical art journal Texte zur Kunst. Prior to that, she was an Associate Editor at Artforum magazine in New York City.




This article has been originally published on The Open Secret.
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    Michael K. Bergman, “Harvesting the Deep and Surface Web with a Directed Query Engine,”
    Deep Web infographic typical of web marketing and or online security services circa 2018.



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