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What is common on this ground?

  • Aug 05 2021
  • Arts of the Working Class x Atelier Gardens Berlin

August 15, 12 – 7pm

Berlin Union Film Ateliers
Oberlandstraße 26-35
12099 Berlin

Souls for Foods is an art market exhibiting exemplary practices of community building. It emerged as a joint venture between Arts of the Working Class and  Atelier Gardens, a campus in transition hosting the historical Berlin Union Film Ateliers (BUFA). 

The market, a format which questions and expands the traditional exhibition for pandemic times, encompasses a variety of projects beyond the field of street food and nutrition, to focus on publishing, craft and design, lectures, workshops and the culinary as caring and survival tools. The first edition was carried by the food issue (AWC no. 16). The second edition looks for activiations not only on a discursive level, but also connecting with what Atelier Gardens stands for: a transitional space engaging with questions around climate and social justice. 

On August 15 from 12 to 7pm Atelier Gardens will be transformed into an open air kitchen where visitors can challenge their taste buds and learn new recipes that emerge from the plurality of aesthetic possibilities and modes of living in today’s complex state of precarity as well as diverse togetherness.   

Starting from the very basic needs of life, nutrition and socialisation, Souls for Foods represents an embodied example of how local realities and individuals can negotiate new values, aesthetics, and languages for economic and aesthetic alternatives. The market, indeed, brings together participants and visitors to reflect on the same question:

What is common on this ground?

As every community needs time and space in order to negotiate its own infrastructures and beliefs, Souls for Foods carries the mission of engaging with further potentials and essentials for accessibility to healthy and collective sustenance. Souls for Foods is expected to take place every two months. Next dates to be announced for late October and early December.

The question is connected to Common Ground, an exhibition curated by Eva Berendes and Andrea van Reimersdahl, one of the first artists initiatives to take place at Atelier Gardens that deal with its transformation from a film production campus into a hub for grassroot movements, ventures and initiatives for cultural, social, and ecological transformation.


Coming from different fields of practices and international backgrounds, all connected in and by the city of Berlin and the joy of the commons, over 20 collectives will cooperate in order to create the experience of a community in becoming where to formulate tangible proposals for a life beyond exploitation and capitalism. 

Focus of this market will be to build bridges between the neighborhoods of Berlin. Artist Paula Erstmann will recreate a Taste of Home together with mothers with Iranian, Georgian and Turkish roots living in Marzahn, Mehringdamm and Neukölln. 

The visitors will be engaged in sensorial experiences and critical discourses proposed by Arijit Bhattacharyya’s decolonizing lecture asking "How political is Our curry?" on the same day of India’s independence. Well Gedacht Kiosk offers travel magazines which reflect on the diaspora, while Daniela Garduño offers a taste for melancholia with Irremediables Nostalgias Papilares/ The Unavoidable Yearning of the gustatory cells.

Inês Neto dos Santos & Jennifer Cunningham prepare a bread mixture in Take Away Mountain, while Ulam (a culinary project by Alexis Convento) connects the colonial history of Philippines and Mexico with Koneksyon. Beatrix Edition evokes the sounds and tastes of Poland with A fête that never was and Caique Tizzi’s pop up Restaurante Verde-e-Rosa returns as a gesamtkunstwerk. 

Charli Herrington’s Cooking— what you like. how you like. with what you have. for who you are with brings a collection of recipes on hospitality, sharing and gifts, and Chmara Rosinke s modular Borschtsch bar organizes a workshop on the traditional Pierogi making. Thin White Doodle bridges the global and local contexts through a plate of Curry Udon; The Source, a project by Eden Van Den Bogaard, provides a bounty of seasonals good Grounding Techniques, while Jess Zamora-Turner offers Smudge Sticks, Pickles, Seeds.

Club Fortuna/Conte Potuto/Markus Benjamin Riedler sell either edible or inedible art objects with This is an egg ; Margaux Schwab’s Aural Commoning mapps food ecologies and affects; Sophia Dorfsman offers One of a Dozen Times a Dozen;  Lucky You & Avantika provides refreshing popsicles to eat, glasses to wear, and bites of oranges with August is MeltingIlaria Zampieri & Moonhyung Lee redefine the essence of rosemary while speculating on a journey between Italy and Korea with Rosmarino Doshi; Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo’s Concordia & Despensa Studio offers a selection of fermented and foraged goods;  The Onion Project’s Tomato Sauce serves dishes smooth, slowly simmered, 100% vegan and preservatives free; Kosuke Tada’s Abeno Avenue serves Japanese cabbage pancake in their shop called Ökonomiyaki; The Society for Matriarchal World Dominations posters call for the end of patriarchy; Et al. Press screen print artist editions for everyone; Mariana Castillo Deball (Klosterfelde Editions)’s kite Crocodile Skin of the Days, (2021)  will populate the lobby of Studio 1, while Archive Books and Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite present a selection of their most interesting artists publications. 
With the second edition of Souls For Foods as a preamble, AWC – together with all the participants and visitors of the market plans to investigate how our ways of living, of experiencing our bodies, and of being healthy are inflected by the way geopolitics, white supremacy and class warfare are evolving in the age of the pharmapornographical.

Pondering on the system that stands behind what we call the “World Health Organization” in its 18th issue, AWC and L’Union des Refusés will offer Hologram Sessions to the visitors for the duration of the market. The Hologram is a mythoreal viral redistribution system for non-expert healthcare, practiced around the world, initiated by Cassie Thornton. Three people – the ‘Triangle’ – meet on a regular basis to focus on the physical, mental and social health of a fourth – the ‘Hologram’. The Hologram, in turn, teaches how to give and also receive care, bringing back the joy of vulnerability and the strength of mutuality in our hypercompetitive times. 

Due to limited capacity, in order to participate to the Hologram send an email until August 13 to

Embracing the dynamisms of the collective we want to seed relationships where there used to be division. Kneading, foraging, mixing, savouring, fermenting, holding, caressing, thinking, listening to the plurality. 

The concept and structure of the market-as-exhibition is inspired by conversations with the foodculture days festival, and takes place in the courtyard of Atelier Gardens, the evolving campus of the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA). 

Full Program to be announced a few days before the market takes place.
Stay tuned for more information via

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