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Culinary rituals, bizarre delicacies and queer bites.

  • May 26 2021
  • Caique Tizzi
    (1984, São Paulo, Brazil) lives and works in Berlin. Tizzi is an artist, cook and event organiser, whose practice revolves around an artistic approach to food, where the kitchen becomes part studio, part laboratory. His culinary experiences aim to create a ritual around the table, a theatricalization over the ordinary and mundane act of eating together. In 2011, Tizzi co-founded Agora Collective in Berlin and developed its artistic and food platforms until 2019. Since 2017, Caique Tizzi organizes Babes Bar together with Adam Fearon.


Pineapple, Nopal, Hot blood sauce

Abacaxi – tupi word for smelly fruit. The fruit-icon that crowns the tropic. As the tropics are burning. Será que nunca faremos senão confirmar. A incompetência da América católica. Que sempre precisará de ridículos tiranos.

Gestos naturais. There is no global warming. Estúpida retórica que não é daqui. Kebab. J ́adore! Pineapple? #lostintranslation. Fruta Real. Rainha das Frutas. Tropic for Rent. A mais cara. A beleza mais barata. De limousine à 2 euros. Natureza Morta. Still-Life. Nature morte.



Blue Oysters

Blue is not natural. It’s beautiful. Oysters and extinction. Predatory hunger. Bizarre delicacy. The taste of the plastic ocean. Blue ocean, blue.

Oysters are naturally queer. Strange. Ongoing transformation. Oysters are trans. Transforming into pearl. Blue Oyster Bar. I am natural. Totally natural, naturally beautiful. We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky.



Farofa dirt, vegetables and rhyzomes, sand, gin soup, smoke

Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Food is our closest connection to earth. Common denominator. TERRA. La Planete Terre. Planet Earth.


Mushrooms, Aubergine, Black Olive and Quail Egg

Emperor of the cooks. Le chef de Napoleon. Antonin Carême, 1st celebrity chef. Extravagant buffets for kings and royals. Table as the stage. Food for the eyes. Fly in the wind.



Caramel, Berry Semifreddo and Basil

Le sucre, ses dualités et contradictions. Sentimental & Pop. From the West Indies to Americas. Cane Sugar Plantations. Colonies. Esclavage. Luxury in the 18th. Drug in the 21st. Guerres. Black & White. Caramel.
I peeling crazy off my own skin like I love. You are sweet means – you are kind.




Read this piece in print in the extrablatt FOODCULTURE days, found in the issue 16 "Food Eats the Soul", out now!



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