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Anniversary launch Issue 21.

  • Jun 08 2022 | 6:00 PM h - 11:00 PM h

Arts of the Working Class is glad to invite you on June 8 to the launch of its fourth anniversary issue AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 PAGES. Organized in collaboration with Callie’s and a.p. Starting at 6.30 PM, the event will take a tour and discuss matters of tourism and forced displacement through the words and works of its contributors.

The title of both the event and our latest issue take Jules Verne’s proto sci-fi book as a starting point for our shared research. Verne, the poet and writer whose narratives took us on a journey into imaginary and inconceivable worlds, left us with an invaluable lesson– we perceive the world in its entirety only through technology, the very same technology that can only be progressive if accessible to everyone, rather than as means for individual convenience. 


Gathering & Introduction
followed by 

A conversation on Tourism and Forced Displacement with
Daniela Labra, Ido Nahari, María Inés Plaza Lazo & Abhijan Toto

Book Launch “The ABC of the Projectariat” of
Kuba Szreder

Screenings with
Karimah Ashadu, Kinga Kielczynska & Metasitu

Closing with a Playlist by


Professor Doctor Daniela Labra is a curator, cultural critic and educator. She is a founder of the art studies platform, and lives between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

SexyKapitalismus does broadcastings on a regular basis in community radio stations in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim/Heidelberg, Halle, and Hamburg. 

Kuba Szreder is a researcher, lecturer and interdependent curator, based in Warsaw. He actively cooperates with artistic unions, consortia of postartistic practitioners, clusters of art-researchers, art collectives and artistic institutions in Poland, UK, and other European countries. Editor and author of books and texts on the political economy of global artistic circulation, art strikes, modes of artistic self-organization, instituting art beyond the art market and the use value of art.

Abhijan Toto is a curator, artist and writer, interested in ecosophy, indisciplinary research, labour and infrastructures, based between Berlin, Germany, Bangkok, Thailand and Seoul, South Korea. In 2018, he began assembling the Forest Curriculum with Pujita Guha, a multi-platform project for research and mutual co-learning around the naturecultures of the forested belts of South and Southeast Asia. Recent curatorial projects include Protocinema's A Few In Many Places, Seoul, Bangkok, Istanbul, New York, San Juan, Guatemala City (2021) with Mari Spirito; A House In Many Parts, Bangkok, Thailand (2020); In The Forest, Even The Air Breathes, GAMeC, Bergamo, Italy (2020).