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Last events of Munich's galleries initiative highlighting exhibitions in the city.

  • Exhibition
  • Sep 10 2020 - Oct 11 2020

October 6 

Film Screening: Nightcleaners by Berwick St Collective

Kunstverein München, 9pm

Galeriestraße 4, 80539 München

(c) Berwick Street Film Collective 


October 8

Opening: Der Öffentlichkeit von den Freunden Haus der Kunst – Kapwani Kiwanga

Haus der Kunst, 7pm

Prinzregentenstraße 1, 80538 München

Kapwani Kiwanga (c) Haus der Kunst


October 9

Opening 'over 13'

Lothringer 13 Halle, 4pm- 9pm

Lothringer Str. 13, 81667 München

Lothringer13, Munich

Performance by Ari Benjamin Meyers

Blitz Club, 7:30pm

Ari Benjamin Meyers (c) Andrea Gjestvang


October 10 

Artist Talk with Andrzej Steinbach

fructa space, 5pm

Andrzej Steinbach, Industrial Music (c) Fructa Space




Nir Altman                                      hosting                                           Sultana, Paris, FR.                               Peres Projects, Berlin, DE

Alpenstraße 12 81541 Munich

Museum Brandhorst

Theresienstraße 35A 80333 Munich

Espace Louis Vuitton München

Maximilianstraße 2a 80333 Munich

FLORIDA Lothringer 13

Lothringer Straße 13 81667 Munich


fructa space                                    hosting                                           Briefing Room, Brussels, BE

Leonrodstraße 89 80636 Munich


Sammlung Goetz

Oberföhringer Straße 103 81925 Munich  


Haus der Kunst

Prinzregentenstraße 1 80538 Munich


Jahn und Jahn                                hosting                                            Thomas Dane Gallery

Baaderstraße 56 B und C 80469 Munich


Galerie Klüser 1 & Galerie Klüser 2 hosting                                          Christine König Galerie, Vienna, AT

Georgenstraße 15 & Türkenstraße 23 80799 Munich


Knust Kunz Gallery Editions          hosting                                                 Pace Prints, New York, US

Ludwigstraße 7 80539 Munich


Kunstraum München                      hosting                                              studio im Hochhaus, Berlin, DE BAR1, Bengaluru, IN

Holzstraße 10 Rgb. 80469 Munich

Kunstverein München

Galeriestraße 4 80539 Munich


Luisenstraße 33 80333 Munich

Loggia                                              hosting                                              Sangt Hipolyt, Berlin, DE

Gabelsbergerstraße 26 80333 Munich

Jo van de Loo                                  hosting                                                 Beat Raeber, Galerie, Zurich, CH

Theresienstraße 48 80333 Munich

Lothringer 13 Halle                         hosting                                                      K

Lothringer Straße 13 81667 Munich

Galerie Christine Mayer                 hosting                                 Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, DE

Liebigstraße 39 80538 Munich

Galerie Nagel Draxler                    hosting                                             Galerie Lars Friedrich, Berlin, DE

Türkenstraße 43 80799 Munich

Pinakothek der Moderne

Barerstraße 40 80333 Munich

Ruine München                                hosting                                               FAM_

Mickeymouseplatz c/o Empfangshalle Schwere-Reiter-Straße 2s
80637 Munich

Deborah Schamoni                        hosting                                              Sandy Brown, Berlin, DE

Mauerkircherstraße 186 81925 Munich

Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle                hosting                                               König Galerie, Berlin, DE

Amalienstraße 41 80799 Munich

Sperling                                          hosting                                             Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, AT

Regerplatz 9 81541 Munich

Walter Storms Galerie                    hosting                                              Esther Schipper, Berlin, DE

Schellingstraße 48 80799 Munich


If one thing has become apparent in recent months, it’s that there is an urgency for forms of coexistence and new ideas for being together. VARIOUS OTHERS offers an opportunity for this, in that it’s format does not deny differences but rather establishes a basis, a space in which artistic practices and actors can come together in all their diversity.

The form of an invitation to gallery owners and artists from other cities can also entail, in the best sense, the question of which narratives underlie our own community and at what point the stories a city tells become dense, porous or fragile. Where they are alive enough to exist within them or where they must be destabilized in order to breathe. It is about a format in which listeners and story- tellers enter into dialogue.

The form of this approach reminds me of the essay Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986), in which Ursula Le Guin exercises a feminist critique of the traditional analysis of conventional narration that excludes or marginalizes the complex and complicated. The male hero goes out into the world, kills an animal to bring back to his family, who are waiting for him by the re in the cave—in the conventional imagination, the origin of all narration, which Le Guin reconceives. In her theory, the first cultural tool is not a weapon at all but a container. A container that allows things to be collected, stored. An object that enables both re ection on a tomorrow and reminiscence of a past because it preserves, passes on, and prepares.

As with VARIOUS OTHERS, storytelling functions by narrating stories about the decentralized moments of a city within a particular window of time, held together by a network of references—similar to the way a vessel works. This moment of narrative withdrawal and the simultaneity and polyphony of different voices and authors open up the political aspect of this collaborative work, which refuses to establish a center or hierarchy.

Maurin Dietrich
Director, Kunstverein München for VARIOUS OTHERS 2020



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